Privacy Policy

Who we are?

Address: Iasi, Romania
Tax Identification Number: 34654298, J22/1079/2015
Phone: (+4) O753 5O9 O78

What personal data we collect and why we collect it?


SC WebDisplay S.R.L. with headquarters in Iasi, Romania, registered with no. J22 / 1079/2015, Tax Identification Number: 34654298, processes in safe conditions and only for the purposes specified below, the personal data you provide us in compliance with the requirements imposed by the EU Regulation no. 2016/679 regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and regarding the free movement of these data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Regulation on data protection) and Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of private life in the electronic communications sector.

The type of personal information we collect includes, for example, name, postal address, date of birth, gender, telephone / fax number, email address or other information collected at registration. By providing this data, you consent to their processing according to this privacy statement.

The information about you can be used by us only for purposes associated with the marketing of services and products in the online store as follows:

  • offering products and / or services;
  • solving the requests, questions and / or complaints made to us;
  • registration of information about you in order to promote special offers, discounts and other benefits.

Your personal data will be stored as long as necessary for the purposes mentioned above and will not be made public.

We undertake not to transmit to third parties the databases containing information regarding the personal data of our clients.

RIGHTS you have regarding your personal data:
– the right of access to personal data concerning you;
– the right to request the rectification of inaccurate personal data;
– the right to request the deletion of data in certain circumstances (for example, when personal data are no longer required in relation to the purposes mentioned above);
– the right not to be subject to an individual decision;
– the right to restrict the processing;
– the right to oppose the processing and to request the deletion of data;
– the right to be notified in case of breaches of data security;
– the right to withdraw your consent;
– the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Any request / notification will be given, signed and sent by the person registered in the database by e-mail to or by post. uses professional security measures against the loss, alteration or misuse of the information that is under our control.

The WebDisplay team will do everything possible to resolve all disputes regarding any type of dispute between the parties amicably.



Use of cookies on the site


What are cookies?

This site, like most other professional sites, contains cookies – small files that your computer downloads to contribute to a better online experience. On this page we will explain what kind of information cookies collect, how we can use this information and why cookies should sometimes be saved. We will also show you how to prevent cookies from being saved, as well as what may damage or “damage” certain elements in the functionality of the site.

For general cookie information, read the article on HTTP cookies on Wikipedia.


How are cookies used?

Cookies are used for several reasons, which we will explain in more detail below. Unfortunately, in most cases there are no standard options by which cookies can be deactivated, without completely deactivating all the functionalities and characteristic marks that they place on a site. In case you are not sure whether you need them or not, it is recommended that you leave all cookies enabled if they offer you the service you use.


Disabling cookies

The use of cookies can be set in the browser settings (see the Help option provided by each browser). Please note that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of this site, as well as other sites. Disabling cookies often negatively affects the look and feel of the site. Therefore, we recommend that you do not disable cookies.


The cookies we place alone

This site offers a newsletter subscription service, that is to send it to email, and cookies can “save” if you are registered or if you need to display certain notifications, which can be useful only to subscribers or users who are not subscribed.

After you submit your data using forms similar to the ones you find on the contact or login page, cookies may record user data for future written communication needs.


Third-party cookies

In special cases the cookies of a reliable third party are used. In this part we will explain what kind of third party cookies you can find on our site.

This site uses Google Analytics, one of the most widespread and reliable analytical solutions on the internet, which helps us understand how you use our site and how we can improve your experience. These cookies monitor, for example, the time spent on the site and the pages visited, which helps us to produce appropriate content that will capture your attention and interest you.

For more information about Google Analytics cookies, visit the official Google Analytics page.

Third-party cookies monitor and measure visits to this site, so we can continue to create content that will interest you. These cookies monitor, for example, the time spent on the site and the pages you visit, which contributes to optimizing the site and adapting it to your needs.

We also periodically test features, but we also make some subtle changes in how the site works. In the phase of testing the new characteristic symbols, these cookies can be used to give you a safe and continuous use of the site, which tells us, at the same time, what kind of optimizations our site visitors most prefer.

Given the fact that we sell services, it is very important to have a broader look at the statistics on the number of visitors to our site, which these cookies just record. This is important to you as well, because it means we can make accurate business forecasts, which allow us to monitor advertising and product costs to provide you with the most convenient price.

The cookies for behavioral advertising, which this site uses, allow us to offer you the most relevant advertising ads, whenever this is possible, following your interests and presenting you with things that might interest you.

Also, on this site we use buttons and / or plugins for social networks, which allow you to connect to your accounts in different ways. For this to work, social networks, including Facebook and Instagram, place cookies through our site, which can optimize your profile on their sites / pages or contribute to data that is saved for many reasons, specified in the privacy policies of these networks.